Colombia CO: Humanitarian Situation Report #2, 5 April 2017

Situation Report
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Over 300 # of families affected in Mocoa; 1,700 people residing in temporary shelters (OCHA 2 April 2017)

254 # of people reported dead, 262 injured and 441 missing (OCHA 2 April 2017)

25 # of households destroyed by mudslides (OCHA 2 April 2017)

4 # of education institutions affected (OCHA 2 April 2017)


  • Worst disaster in the history of Mocoa, Putumayo

  • Public Calamity declared by the President.

  • Official report of 254 dead, 262 injured, 441 missing, with figures still rising.

  • 17 neighbourhoods affected, some nearly overtaken by mud and debris.

  • Road access from Nariño and Huila—initially cut off by authorities—is now restored.

Situation Overview & Humanitarian Needs

The sudden mudslide that overwhelmed Mocoa, the capital city of Putumayo Department, on 01 April 2017 has caused unprecedented loss of life, damage to infrastructure and serious disruption of services. As of 02 April, OCHA reported over 300 families affected in addition to the figures of dead and injured, which rise daily. There are over 1,700 persons housed in temporary shelters, but this figure is also likely to increase in the coming days as evaluations are completed and more information is available. The key humanitarian needs announced by the Government crisis centre include physical and mental health; food security and nutrition; and water, sanitation and hygiene. Departmental authorities reported damages to three aqueducts, one energy sub station, one sewerage system, seven bridges, nine main roads and one inter-departmental access highway. Five schools have been closed and numerous houses damaged.