Colombia: Amnesty International condemns car bomb attack in Bogota

AI-index: AMR 23/014/2003
Amnesty International strongly condemns the killing of at least 32 people and the injuring of more than 160 in a car bomb attack in the club 'El Nogal', in Bogota on 7 February.

"Attacks on civilians are never justified. Civilians must not be deliberately targeted or placed in situations where they are in danger of death or injury," Amnesty International said as the organization expressed its sympathy with all those affected by this tragedy.

"Deliberately targeting civilians violates fundamental principles of international law."

Despite repeated international and national protests against the use of tactics which violate human rights and international humanitarian law, Amnesty International remains concerned that neither guerrilla groups, nor the security forces and their paramilitary allies, have made serious efforts to ensure their strategies do not harm the civilian population.

"This attack once again underlines the urgency for all parties in the Colombian conflict to respect international humanitarian law, and for the government and armed opposition groups to reach a humanitarian accord to ensure the protection of the civilian population," Amnesty International concluded.

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