Colombia: Agreement between Carrefour and IOM promotes products made by vulnerable populations

COLOMBIA - An agreement signed this week between IOM Colombia and Carrefour Colombia paves the way for the sale of products made by vulnerable populations in the French retailer's 35 stores in Colombia.

Products covered under the agreement include items for home decor, office supplies, handicrafts and clothing made by displaced persons, victims of human trafficking and minors demobilized from the illegal armed groups, and Afro-Colombians and indigenous populations.

The initiative stems from IOM's Social Marketing Strategy, which seeks to improve the levels of economic sustainability that are part of the Organization's income generating projects. These initiatives have received financial support from the governments of the United States, Canada, Holland and Italy.

In its first year of operations, the IOM Social Marketing Strategy has provided support to 10 groups in eight regions. This has translated into some US $33,000 in sales; an increase of more than 20% of the total sales for all groups. The strategy has also succeeded in opening 23 new commercial channels.

The Vice President of Carrefour Colombia, Grégoire Kauffman, said during the signing ceremony, "Beyond having good products and prices for Colombians at Carrefour, we have developed a policy of sustainable development and social support. This is why we are joining IOM to support micro-entrepreneurs who frequently, due to economic problems, find it impossible to advertise and sell their products."

The alliance between Carrefour Colombia and IOM will strengthen income generating projects that benefit some 1,500 people, which are contributing to their socioeconomic stabilization.

For more information on IOM's Social Marketing Strategy, visit or contact Jorge Andres Gallo at IOM Colombia; Tel: 57.311 5619495 or 57.1.622 77 74 ext. 114,