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Americas COVID-19 - Response Update #31, 24 September 2021

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Situational Highlights

The Americas still lead the world in the numbers of COVID-19 infections, representing seven of the 20 countries and territories worldwide with the highest mortality rates, according to PAHO/WHO.

Brazil, Mexico and the United States have the highest number of cases. With hospital occupancy at 97 per cent on account of the coronavirus, Guatemala was the country most affected by the pandemic in Central America throughout the month of August. In South America, hospitalizations are falling, but the number of new cases remains high.

Only one in four people in Latin America and the Caribbean have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Officials at the World Health Organization called on the countries with surplus vaccines to speed up their donation of doses to Latin American and Caribbean, where the speed of vaccinations continues to be sluggish, overall.

By 30 August, the COVAX mechanism delivered 36.1 million doses of the vaccine in 32 countries and territories throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

The vaccine is available to UNHCR’s population of concern in 17 countries throughout the region, regardless of their migratory status. As part of a bid to speed up the vaccinations of people with irregular migratory status, Colombia is conducting a census of people whose. In Trinidad and Tobago, the government organized two vaccination campaigns for people of concern – including those in the country irregularly – administering a total of 1,925 doses.

Health care remains of critical concern in the aftermath of the 14 August earthquake in Haiti, which damaged many hospital throughout the island nation. Those hospitals that are still operating are overwhelmed by patients. The quake has also resulted in delays to the vaccination campaign.