ACT Alliance Preliminary Appeal: Floods in Chocó, Colombia – COL131

from ACT Alliance
Published on 16 Dec 2013 View Original

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 352,526

Balance Requested: US$ 352,526

Geneva, 16 December 2013

Dear colleagues,

The west side of Colombia has been affected by severe floods due to the heavy rains from tropical storms in the last weeks of November 2013, causing damages in the harvests on five municipalities around Quibdó, the capital of Chocó department. According to the Disaster Risk Management Committee of Chocó more than 2,000 families (12,000 people) were affected when the Atrato, Andagueda and Capa rivers were overflowed, causing the floods which reached 2 meters high.

The impacted communities are also among the most poor Afro-Colombian and indigenous people in the region. These families are small producers and have lost their two harvests in this year, because they experienced a similar situation in March 2013, when flash floods affected 56,770 people and damaged more than 500 homes. An important consideration has to be given to the fact that these are very far and isolated communities and that there are no local markets or access roads nearby, as Chocó is located in a very remote area in Colombia.

LWF, in behalf of Colombia ACT forum, is proposing to assist 22 communities affected to recover their food security and to set up an emergency preparedness plan based on local organization.

The objectives proposed are

  1. 22 communities have strengthened their communitarian participation to address the local threats through a local preparedness plan.

  2. 673 families affected by the floods recovered their food security.