AbbaCol Foundation Report: Humanitarian Day - January 2022



  • Invitation through a phone call to children and adolescents who are part of the vulnerable population, specifically in the urban area.
  • Attendance was verified by means of a list, followed by a greeting and welcome, an integration activity and presentation of each of the participants, and then a badge was handed out to identify the participants of the activity with their respective names.
  • The children were divided into 4 groups in which different play activities focused on the book "The Journey" were carried out.
  • Handing out refreshments and taking photographs.
  • Closing activity (football match between the children and the volunteers).


  • Psychosocial support
  • Humanitarian activities
  • Refreshments


To carry out playful - recreational activities with children belonging to vulnerable population of the Municipality of Sutatausa.

To recognise the importance of building dreams from an early age.

To carry out field work through the art of the volunteers of the AbbaCol Foundation, which allows to strengthen the interdisciplinary team in contributing to the construction of social fabric, improving the quality of life of the less favoured, providing tools to discover and enhance skills to ensure improved quality of life.