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UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Region - Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Report No. 5 (Reporting Period: 11 - 24 April 2020)

Situation Report
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  • As of 23 April 2020, 148,314 cases were confirmed positive of COVID-19 in the East Asia and Pacific with 6,736 deaths. This entails 84,302 confirmed cases in China and an additional 64,012 confirmed cases in other East Asia and Pacific countries. Of these, Indonesia (7,418 cases), the Philippines (6,710 cases), Malaysia (5,532 cases) and Thailand (2,839 cases) are among the most heavily affected.

  • Most countries in the East Asia and Pacific region have been taking measures to prepare for or mitigate community transmission of COVID-19. While the outbreak’s burden on health systems is increasing rapidly, necessary mitigation measures are affecting livelihoods and access to public services. Urgent efforts are needed to contain the outbreak and to support health systems and communities to mitigate the impacts.

  • So far, UNICEF has reached over 109 million people with its COVID-19 related messages out of the total of 152 million people currently planned to be reached. UNICEF also provided critical personal protective equipment for 102,000 health workers across the region.

  • UNICEF’s Country Offices in the region are also supporting Governments with mitigating adverse impacts on education, child protection and other public services. UNICEF supports governments in the region, among others, with continuity of learning for the 325 million children affected by school closures, preparedness of schools and institutional care facilities as well as trainings of social workers to continue child protection services.
    Additional resources are needed for this response, including for supplies and programmatic support.