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Typhoon Maria landed in coastal regions of Huangqi Peninsula, Fujian

This year’s No.8 typhoon Maria (severe typhoon level) made landfall in coastal regions of Huangqi Peninsula, Lianjiang County, Fujian at 9:10 a.m. on July 11. The maximum wind intensity and minimum air pressure at the typhoon center registered scale 14 (42m/s) and 960 hPa respectively.

Gale forecast: From July 11 to 12, the oceanfront to the east of Taiwan, most portions of East China Sea, Taiwan Strait, coastal areas of Fujian, sea areas of Taiwan, Zhejiang coastal regions and the Yangtze River estuary area will be stricken by scale 7-10 gale. Wind intensity in areas where the center of Maria was located will register scale 13 to 15. The gust will reach scale 16-17.

Precipitation forecast: From July 11 to 12, northern Taiwan Island, central-northern Fujian, southern Zhejiang and central-southern Jiangxi will be exposed to heavy rain or rainstorm. Heavy downpour (100-240mm) will grip portions of northern Fujian, southeastern Zhejiang and central Jiangxi. In these regions, the maximum hourly precipitation intensity will reach 30-50mm with 70mm in partial areas. (July 11)

Editor Chen Meiqi