Typhoon Lingling will bring strong winds and heavy rain to Northeast China

from Government of the People's Republic of China
Published on 06 Sep 2019 View Original

Source:National Meteorological Center

The National Meteorological Center predicted that typhoon Lingling will move northward direction at the speed of 30-35 km/h with a steady intensity. It will enter southern Huanghai Sea on the night of September 6 and make landfall from western Republic of Korea to southeastern Liaoning (severe tropical storm scale, scale 10-11, 25-30m/s) and move into Northeast China, and then transform into temperate cyclone.

From September 6 to 8, eastern oceanfront of Taiwan, coastal regions around Diaoyu Islands, East China Sea, and central-southern Huanghai Sea will be exposed to scale 8-11 gale. Scale 6-9 gust will shroud central-eastern portions of Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang from September 7 to 8.

Heavy rain to rainstorm will pelt eastern Liaoning, central-eastern Jilin, central-eastern Heilongjiang, and eastern Shandong Peninsula. The maximum hourly rainfall will reach 30-50mm. (Sep.6)