Situation Report No. 3 on the Yunnan Earthquake

The People's Republic of China
6:00pm (+8:00 GMT) on 28 January 2000
Oxfam Hong Kong
Information was collected from Oxfam Hong Kong field staff, local partners, counterparts, civil affairs departments working and NGOs working in China.

Brief Update

The first stage of Oxfam Hong Kong's relief work in Yao'an County ended last weekend. On Tuesday (Jan 25), Oxfam Hong Kong has expanded its relief work to four remote quake-hit villages in two other counties, Dayao and Nanhua. The first batch of the RMB282,304 (USD34,102) worth of relief materials including cotton blankets, quilts and trousers for adults, children's wear and plastic sheets for temporary shelters will arrive in Chuxiong tonight (Jan 28). Another RMB99,306 (USD11,996) worth of rice and plastic sheets were sourced from Dayao County Seat. Distribution will start tomorrow. It is expected that a total of 502 households will benefit from this response.

Another earthquake, measuring 5.5 on the Richter Scale, shook Mile and Qiubei counties on southeastern Yunnan yesterday (Jan 27) morning. No one was reported killed. A total of 2,060 households were affected. Initial reports indicated that the damages were less severe than those in Yao'an County ten days ago.

Oxfam Hong Kong's Work

Oxfam field staff will continue the relief work in Dayao and Nanhua counties. Oxfam is capable of meeting the present scale of humanitarian needs that have been identified. Rehabilitation needs are currently being appraised.

Compiled by China Team
Oxfam Hong Kong

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