Sichuan earthquake reconstruction report released

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The Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) held a Sichuan earthquake reconstruction report meeting in Chengdu, Sichuan province on 5th May.

To commemorate the third anniversary of Sichuan earthquake, RCSC launched a series of activities.

In the meeting, RCSC released the financial report and management of donation from the Red Cross system and the reconstruction results the Red Cross system involved in.

The vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee and president of RCSC Hua Jianmin, the former vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee and special adviser of RCSC Peng Peiyun and representatives from red cross system in and abroad and Sichuan local government presented.

The RCSC, according to the report, has allocated in succession more than 130,000 tents, 690,000 sets of cloths, 790,000 quilts, 1.7 million sets of mosquito nets and 64,000 tons of food to the quake-hit areas after the earthquake.

China’s Red Cross branches actively take part in the reconstruction work of Wenchuan earthquake areas. As of February 28, 2011, the national Red Cross system has received a total of earthquake relief funds and materials worth 19.9 billion yuan, of which 16 million of funds and 3.9 million of materials. 6.4 million yuan was used in the emergency and transitional stages while 12.3 billion yuan used for reconstruction and 1.2 million will be allocated under the project agreement and requirements. Up to now, the Red Cross system rebuilt in the earthquake affected areas 183,179 houses, 2,114 school, 5,123 health centers and stations and part of the rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and disaster prevention and mitigation facilities.

Meanwhile, Chinese Red Cross has also carried out the “Love Home” project, including disaster prevention and hedging, rescue training, psychological supporting, health education and livelihood development, and helped the China Disabled Person Federation and the National Population Family Planning Commission launch the red cross rehabilitation assistance projects and humility activities such as home care projects.

The Red Cross system also involved in the construction of schools and health clinics among the 100 million sets of disaster transitional housing placement, accepted foreign donation, and arranged national medical teams from Russia, Japan, Italy and Red Cross emergency response teams from Germany, Spain, Denmark, Britain and Austria to carry out rescue work in China.