Severe tropical storm Nalgae approaching southeastern coast of Hainan

from Government of the People's Republic of China
Published on 03 Oct 2011 View Original

The Central Meteorological Office continues to issue Blue alert for typhoon at 6:00 a.m. on October 3:

At 5:00 a.m. today, Nalgae, the 19th severe tropical storm, centered about 510 km east by south of Sanyan, Hainan province (17.7N, 114.5E) with maximum wind force up to scale 11 (30m/s).

It is forecasted to move west at speed of 10 to 15 km per hour approaching southeastern coast of Hainan. It is forecast to land in the coastal areas from Sanyan to Wanning in Hainan or skim off coast of Sanyan with sustaining or gaining intensity.

Affected by Nalgae and cold air, in the next 24 hours from 8:00 a.m. today, there will be high wind with scale 7 to 9 and parts gust to scale 10 and 11 affecting most parts of East China Sea, Taiwan Strait, east of Taiwan, Bashi Channel, northern and central South China Sea, coastal Zhejiang, coastal Fujian, coastal Guangdong, coastal Hainan, Beibu Gulf, Qiongzhou Strait. The storm will bring up gale to scale 11 and 12 on its path.

Heavy rain or rainstorm is forecasted to affect most parts of Hainan, central and eastern coast of Guangdong, most parts of Taiwan, northeastern Fujian, and southeastern Zhejiang. Isolated areas in northern Taiwan and eastern Hainan will be hit by severe rainstorm. (Oct. 3)