Salvation Army responds to Yunnan earthquake

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An earthquake has hit the Yunnan Province of the People's Republic of China, in the south-central area of the country. The region worst affected by the earthquake is in the west of the province, towards northern Myanmar. The Salvation Army has a number of community projects in Yunnan and a project office in Kunming is almost at the centre of the province.
Envoy Simon Wong, The Salvation Army's Public Relations Director in Hong Kong, reported that relief officials from the Army arrived in Guantun City and Wangneitong Village on the same day the disaster occurred in order to make a needs assessment. Meetings were also held with local officials to discuss relief activities.

Yao'an County - classified by the State Council as 'below the country's poverty level' - was badly affected by the earthquake. It had also suffered a serious flood just a few months ago, leaving the residents vulnerable to cold weather and hunger. The temperature in the area falls to freezing point at night and almost all the residents are sleeping outside their houses. The envoy reported that warm clothes, food and tents are desperately needed.

The Salvation Army is planning to deliver 2,000 sleeping bags, cotton quilts and more than 1,000 warm coats to Yunnan. There are also plans to purchase rice in the province to provide food for the victims.

AUTHOR: Lieut-Colonel Ian Southwell


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