Relief efforts going on in flood-hit NE China's township

Relief operation has been carried out in a swift manner in Shalan Township, Ning'an City of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, hit by a mountain torrent killing 92 people last Friday.
Chinese State Councilor Chen Zhili headed a task force to the site of the tragedy to direct the rescue efforts after the flooding disaster occurred.

She was joined by leading officials from Chinese departments such as the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, the Ministries of Education, Civil Affairs, Finance, as well as Party and government authorities of Heilongjiang Province.

The Shalan Township was hit by the mountain torrent last Friday afternoon. By 6 p.m. on Sunday, 92 people, including 88 pupils, were confirmed dead. Another 17 pupils remain missing.

Truckloads of relief materials are transported to Shalan Township, where many military soldiers are still comb searching for those missing.

Some 200 medical workers have been sent to Shalan Township to offer medical aid to students and villagers injured in the flooding, according to Lu Bing, mayor of Mudanjiang City, which exercise jurisdiction over Ning'an City and also Shalan Township.

Up to now, 400 tents have been erected in the flood-hit township, along with establishment of five rescue centers and one residential quarter capable of accommodating 40 households.

A total of 50 quarantine workers were sent from Mudanjiang City of Heilongjiang Province to disinfect the flooded areas and the source of water as of Saturday.

Power and water supplies, which were suspended in the flooding, have been restored thanks to coordination efforts by officials from Mudanjiang City. Relevant departments have also been organizing manpower to help local villagers repair flooded houses.

Local government departments have assigned personnel to monitor a local reservoir near Shalan Township and the rainfall upstream the township.

In the meantime, Mudanjiang City Government has sent 279 officials to form different groups offering psycho help to relatives of those killed in the flooding, said Lu Bing, mayor of Mudanjiang City, who vowed they would do more to help the people in the flood-hit areas to restart normal life again.