Record-high of 377 rivers in China report floods

BEIJING, July 14 (xinhua) -- China has seen a record high of rivers reporting floods since this year's high-water season began, the Ministry of Water Resources said Sunday.

A total of 377 rivers across the country have reported floods exceeding alarm levels, over 80 percent more than the annual number of such rivers registered since 1998 when severe floods hit China, according to Wang Zhangli, deputy director with the ministry's flood and draught disaster prevention department.

Some 15 small and medium-sized rivers had seen the all-time worst floods, Wang added.

Both north and south China are expected to see some regions suffering intensive rainfalls from July 16 to August 15, while two to three typhoons might hit China during this period.

The ministry has sent over 30 work teams to guide local floods relief work, according to the official.