The natural disasters affect cities seriously in 2011

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In 2011, some areas of China, especially urban areas were affected by natural disasters. The flood threatened the safety of more than 130 urban areas above the county level. The results came from the consultation of Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Transport, China Meteorological Administration and other ministries.

According to the analysis, the features of 2011 natural disasters included four aspects. Firstly, there are frequent disasters and more serious losses in southern China. Over 90% counties(urban areas or regions) were hit by disasters in varying degrees. Influenced by the disasters such as low temperature, freezing rain or snow, drought and flood, some parts of southern China get serious losses. Secondly, the disasters o flood and drought hit China together. The losses caused by flood and drought were 30% and 40% of losses of natural disasters. The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River got drought and flood while West China and the Yellow-Huaihe Valley suffered from autumn flood. Thirdly, the losses caused by typhoon weren't serious while the earthquake was activity away from the epicenter. Finally, the disasters and poverty caused superimposed effect. The disasters affected urban areas seriously. (Jan.12)

Editor: Hao Jing