More funds allocated for rebuilding in NE China flood-hit town

from Xinhua
Published on 08 Aug 2005
HARBIN, Aug 8, 2005 (Xinhua via COMTEX) --The Chinese central government has allocated more relief funds, 12 million yuan (about 1.47 million US dollars) in total, for rebuilding projects in the flood-hit Shalan Town, China's northernmost Heilongjiang Province.

According to the Heilongjiang Provincial Development and Reform Committee on August 8, the money will be used to build new homes for displacing flood victims and to rebuild or reinforce river banks and dykes sabotaged by a recent severe flooding.

The deluge occurred on June 10 when a flash flood, triggered by torrential rains, pelted the Shalan town in Ning'an city, submerging its low-lying primary school where 352 pupils and 31 teachers and other faculty members were staying.

The devastating floods at the school claimed a total of 117 lives, including 105 primary school kids, according to local flood-relief headquarters' final figures.

The relevant government departments have worked out a rebuilding plan, which involves the construction of a new school, a new residential area and the overhaul of damaged water conservancy facilities.

According to plan, infrastructure facilities in the new residential area will cover highway projects and water supply and drainage projects. With a cost of more than 20 million yuan (some 2.4 million US dollars), these projects are expected to protect locals from flooding when they are completed at the end of the year.

The repair of water conservancy projects, including the Hesheng Reservoir, a dyke project of Shalan Town, a river dam and bank protection work, is scheduled to be completed at the expense of 15.14 million yuan (1.86 million US dollars) in late October.

Previously, the central government earmarked 8.9 million yuan ( approximately 110 million US dollars) to rebuild the Shalan Town Center School on a plot of higher raised land.