Mercy Relief Delivers Aid amid Logistical Constraints

11 August 2014, China - Singaporean humanitarian NGO, Mercy Relief has disbursed an initial tranche of aid worth $30,000 to some 2,500 people affected by the 6.1 magnitude earthquake which hit Yunnan Province, China on 3rd August. Despite logistical constraints due to damaged road infrastructure, the response and assessment team managed to reach quake hit areas of Ludian County to distribute food packs, medicines and blankets.

“The poor road conditions are our single biggest challenge for this phase of relief and logistics mobilization. Fallen debris, rocks and boulders have obstructed many sections of the supply route. Inclement weather has worsened the situation with rain and loose soil making the road unpredictable to travel over,” said Mercy Relief Chief Executive Goh Chin Siang.

Official sources report the earthquake has left 615 people dead and 3,143 injured. Over 40,000 homes have been destroyed, leaving thousands of people homeless.

Mercy Relief, in co-operation with the Ludian County Poverty Alleviation Office, procured the relief items in Zhao Tong City on 9th August, before travelling 60 kilometres and transiting at Longtoushan - the epicentre of the earthquake. The team then distributed the items a day later in Chui Ping Village and Yin Ping Village, located 7 kilometres and 16 kilometres respectively from Longtoushan.

Each relief pack, comprising 25 kilograms of rice, 5 litres of vegetable oil, 1 blanket and medicines, is able to last a family of 5 for at least 10 days. Having lost his house in the earthquake, 31 year old farmer Zhang Yuan Bi said, "I live with my mother, wife and three children. The rice, oil and blanket that Mercy Relief provided will help our family pull through these tough times. Moreover, the medicine will help my children recover faster when they come down with a fever or flu."

This relief mission was made possible thanks to funding from members of the public. Mercy Relief is making a further appeal to address the immediate needs of the affected population and is looking into sending tranches of relief packs comprising hygiene kits, foldable beds and mosquito nets.