Level IV National Emergency Response Activated for Severe Floods in Anhui Province

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At 8:00 am of August 22nd, China National Commission for Disaster Reduction and the Ministry of Emergency Management urgently activated Level Ⅳ National Emergency Response for the recent serious floods in Anhui Province. A working team comprised of the Disaster Relief Department, Fire Department and National Disaster Reduction Center of China has been sent to the affected areas to inspect the disaster condition, guide local disaster relief work, ensure the basic livelihood of the affected people and minimize disaster losses.

The working team from the Ministry of Emergency Management arrived in Suzhou City, the severely-hit area, today to inspect the disaster loss condition and relief work in Miao'an Town and Taoyuan Town of Yongqiao District. The team visited the affected people and inspected the arrangements made for the relocated people in the temporary resettlement site at Taoyuan Middle School of Taoyuan Town. The team then went to the Bianhe Fire Squadron of Suzhou City to visit the firefighters as emergency rescue and disaster relief first responders, examining their emergency standby, on-duty operations and disaster relief preparedness, etc. The working team will also hurry to Xiao County of Suzhou City, Lieshan District and Duji District of Huaibei City for further inspections on August 23rd and 24th.

According to the reports from Civil Affairs Department of Anhui Province, northern Anhui has suffered from severe floods due to the strong rainfalls brought by Typhoon Rumbia and the rising domestic water levels induced by upstream runoffs from Shandong and Henan Province, etc.Up to 8:00 am of August 22nd, the disaster has affected 2,632,000 people in 33 counties (cities, districts) of 9 cities including Huaibei, Bozhouand Suzhou City, causing 12 deaths, 1 missing, and 103,000 person times emergency relocation and resettlement. Over 400 houses collapsed and 34,000 houses were subject to different degrees of damage. 330,700 hectares of crops were affected. At 6:00 pm of August 21st, the Disaster Reduction Commission and Civil Affairs Department of Anhui Province urgently upgraded the previous level IV provincial emergency relief response to level III and appropriated 10 million yuan of provincial disaster relief funds, and allocated 370 tents, 12,000 quilts and other relief supplies to the worst-hit areas including Huaibei and Suzhou City. Over 15,000 kilograms of rice and flour, more than 10,000 boxes of instant food and drinking water have been sent to disaster-hit areas to ensure the basic livelihood of the affected people. Currently, the relief work is being carried out in an orderly manner.