Jinde Charities responds to Typhoon Morakot

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Typhoon Morakot, which ragingly and rapidly swept Taiwan on August 8th, caused significant civilian casualties, structural damage, and disrupted power lines and other vital services. It is painful to know that more than 600 people in the village of Hsiao-lin were buried in the mudslide triggered early Sunday by as much as eight feet of typhoon-spawned rain.

Typhoon Morakot pummeled the south of China after it left Taiwan, continuing to cause damage. Up to now, it has left 9 people dead and three others missing, making more than 8.8 million people suffer on the Mainland. Typhoon Morakot toppled more than 10,000 houses and inundated 449,600 hectares of cropland. The direct economic losses have amounted up to 9.72 billion Yuan.

In response to the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot Jinde Charities has been paying close attention to the situation in the disaster area. The Disaster Relief Department of Jinde Charities has been keeping in touch with the local partners and Church communities in the typhoon-affected region in preparation for further action. Two of Jinde Charities' staff have been dispatched to the provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang, the most seriously-hit provinces by the Morakot, to do the field-visit. They are supposed to collect the up-date information about the disaster-affected regions in preparation for further aid activities as soon as possible.