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Japan: Acceptance of Emergency Relief Supplies from China (Gasoline and Diesel Fuel)

News and Press Release
Originally published

April 1, 2011

1.In response to the Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake, Japan will receive 10,000 tons of gasoline and 10,000 tons of diesel fuel as emergency relief supplies from the Government of China. (*1) The ship loaded these supplies is scheduled to arrive at Edajima City of Hiroshima Prefecture on April 2 and Imabari City of Ehime Prefecture on April 3. (*2)

2.After received in a tank at Hiroshima Prefecture and Ehime Prefecture, the gasoline and Diesel fuel will be sent to the disaster stricken area through distribution channels of Petroleum Association companies.

3.The Government of Japan deeply appreciates the cooperation of the Government of China.

(*1) The oil that was received this time is offered from the Government of China separately from the total assistance of 30 million yuan which the Government of China has offered.

(*2) Port of Discharge and schedule

Saturday, April 2: Edajima, Hiroshima Prefecture; Oil tank base

(10,000 tons of gasoline oil)

Sunday, April 3: Imabari, Ehime Prefecture;]Namikata terminal

(10,000 tons of Diesel fuel)

*This is a provisional translation. The above date denotes the date of the issue of the original press release in Japanese.