Fourth situation report earthquake in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, People's Republic of China

Situation Report
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(Oxfam Hong Kong=92s reference code - 980121a) source: Oxfam Hong Kong staff in Zhangbei and Shangyi counties, Hebei province

Oxfam Hong Kong's relief programme for earthquake victims in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, is proceeding as scheduled. With support from Chinese Civil Affairs officials and Oxfam Hong Kong's project officesr, distribution of coal started in Dahe Township of Zhangbei County and Kangleng Township of Shangyi County on Monday (Jan 19). Victims have identified the coal is most urgently needed as they lack fuel for keeping warm and cooking.

Coal distributed by Oxfam Hong Kongl was bought from Datong City of neighbouring Shanxi Province - one of China's major bases for producing first-grade coal. It took about one day to transport coal to the villages.

In addition, most of the other relief materials have been purchased from nearby towns around Zhangjiakou City. Wooden planks, nylon sheets and other materials for building shelters are being distributed in the two townships since Tuesday (Jan 20). The other two relief items - grain and fertilizers for spring farming will be distributed by the Chinese New Year.

Temperatures have dropped to minus 30 degrees Celsius the lowest due to new coldfronts from Inner Mongolia. Heavy snowfalls continue and transportation and distribution of relief materials has been hindered. As the programme officer moves to more remote areas, keeping up regular communications is getting increasingly difficult.

There was an overwhelming response by the local community to appeals for assistance. They contributed HKD3.4 million out of the HKD9 million raised for Oxfam Hong Kong's relief and rehabilitation work. The Hong Kong SAR Government's Disaster Relief Fund contributed HKD2.6 million and the Tun Wah charity, a local foundation gave HKD.3million.