Disasters wreak havoc in large areas of China in 2013

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On 27th of August, he Hong Kong Government accepted the advice of the Disaster Relief Fund Advisory Committee and approved grants of HK $4.087 million to Amity Foundation for their relief work to flood affected areas in Sichuan and Guangxi that took place in July. Xinhua News agency reported on July 17th that the flood caused 68 dead and 179 people missing. Overall, 13.400 houses have collapsed, 3.47 million people have been affected, and 300.000 flood victims have to be relocated. Furthermore, the heavy rainfall caused landslides and destroyed much of the crop. The total economic damage is estimated to exceed 20 billion Yuan.

The flood mainly hit the prefectures of Deyang and Guilin. Deyang, affected by the Sichuan earthquake in 2008, is now facing new challenges. Guilin, well known for its beautiful Karst scenery, is very popular with foreign and local tourists.

After the floods, Amity’s emergency response team distributed rice cookers, oil, kilts and sanitary accessories for women, benefiting more than 12,500 households.

Within the first 8 month of year 2013, several big natural disasters have caused suffering for millions of Chinese in many provinces:

  • April: earthquake in Sichuan, Baoxing and Tianqian County

  • July: flood in Sichuan and Guangxi, Deyang and Guilin County

  • July: earthquake in Gansu, Dingxi County

Since then, several thunderstorms and heavy rainfall are causing floods, mainly ravishing the southern and northeastern provinces.

Amity’s disaster relief department is regularly responding to disasters by immediate humanitarian aid action and, where appropriate, reconstruction work . We owe much to the generous donations from donors on the Mainland, in Hong Kong and overseas.

Martin Lachmann

Communication Desk Officer