CWS Situation Report: China earthquake

SITUATION: A 6.4-magnitude earthquake has caused the evacuation of at least 180,000 persons in Ning'er County in China's southern Yunnan Province. The quake, the most serious in the region in nearly three decades, has caused at least three deaths and more than 300 injuries. More than 90,000 houses have collapsed and some 270,000 are damaged, according to state media reports.

Ning'er County is one of the poorest counties in China where most of the farmers live in houses constructed of wood and mud which are easily destroyed in an earthquake. Although more than 20,000 tents have been provided as part of immediate relief efforts, a large number of people remain homeless. There is also a serious lack of potable water and food in the affected areas, Action by Churches Together (ACT) International reports.

RESPONSE: CWS and other ACT members are supporting the efforts of the Amity Foundation, a long-time CWS partner. The CWS-supported response will include assistance to help meet the basic needs of 2,000 of the most vulnerable families rendered homeless and who have not received any help from the government or other agencies.

Amity plans to provide immediate assistance of rice, quilts and plastic sheeting to help meet the most urgent need of food and shelter. Assistance for reconstruction of 100 houses, two village schools and three irrigation systems is planned during the post-crisis phase.

A CWS-supported appeal will be forthcoming.

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