CWS Emergency Appeal: Western China earthquake

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Appeal Number: 6519
Appeal Amount: $100,000
Situation Report

An earthquake measuring 5.8 Richter scale struck China again on Wednesday March 12. This follows an earlier earthquake on Feb. 24. The epicenter of the second quake was in the same area where the earlier quake occurred -- in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in western China.

According to official statistics, 798 houses that had been lightly damaged by the first earthquake were flattened the second time while another 1,165 houses were seriously damaged. No casualties were reported in the second incident. Only one person was slightly injured, as warnings of serious aftershocks kept people alert.

The earlier quake measured 6.8 on the Richter scale; 268 people were killed and more than 4,000 injured, 2,058 of them seriously. More than 8,800 houses were flattened and more than 9,000 seriously damaged. Some 103 village schools and 16 clinics were severely damaged and water and power supply facilities in some areas completely destroyed.

Emergency Appeal

CWS is responding through the Amity Foundation, a long-time CWS partner. In addition to helping meet the immediate needs of some 2,750 homeless families in Qiongkuerqiake Township, Bachu County, Amity will also coordinate long-term rebuilding projects.

CWS has sent $50,000 in blanket funds to Amity Foundation to purchase blankets locally in China. Amity reports that 2,000 quilts and 50 tents have been procured, transported and distributed to affected families in the target areas on March 8. The second batch of 2,000 quilts and the 50 additional tents will be delivered to the target areas March 19.


-- to provide 15 kilos of flour to each of the 1,510 individuals in the 352 homeless families for 3 months (based on 6 persons per family)

-- to provide 2 quilts to each of the 2,750 homeless families

-- to provide 1 tent to each of the 100 most vulnerable homeless families

-- to help rebuild a house for each of the 352 homeless families

-- to help rebuild 2 water towers

-- to help rebuild 2 village schools

Description of Assistance:

-- Food flour -- locally produced

-- Quilts -- family size

-- Tents -- family size

-- Reconstruction of Houses -- earthquake resistant design, steel framework, built with logs and bricks

-- Reconstruction of Water Tower -- earthquake resistant ,steel framework, built with bricks and cements

-- Reconstruction of Village Schools -- earthquake resistant, steel framework, built with logs and bricks

Amity Foundation works in close co-operation with its local partners and will supervise and monitor all stages of assistance. All reliefmaterials will be purchased locally.

CWS-ERP is seeking $100,000 from its denominational members for this appeal. For more specific information, including budget information, contact CWS ERP.

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