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COVID-19 Global Health Emergency Response - Asia-Pacific Region Situation Report (April 17th, 2020)

Situation Report
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Key Messages

World Vision calls on the UN and the international community to ensure prioritisation of COVID-19 response to the most vulnerable children, especially those in conflict-affected, internally displaced and refugee populations.

World Vision is responding in its Global Health Emergency Response to the most vulnerable people centred on 17 countries, seven of which are in the Asia-Pacific region, through a multi-sectoral approach. World Vision is working in collaboration with local authorities, front-line health workers, academic institutions, faith leaders and communities and local NGOs.

Impact on programmes

Non-COVID-19 related regular programming across Asia-Pacific is experiencing some delays as a result of the crises. We are monitoring the impact.

There is an acute shortage of essential supply of items like PPEs, and Hygiene and Sanitation kits that needs to be provided to the communities. Lockdown and curfews posing a challenge to deliver aid in most countries. World Vision is working with the Governments, health officials and partnering with the UN to ensure that these life-saving items reach people urgently.