Completion of Macau Aided Post-Earthquake Reconstruction in Lushan County of Ya'an City, Sichuan Province

(November 5, A report by Hu Yao, a Xinhua News Agency reporter, Macau). On November 5, the reporter learned from the Macau Red Cross (MRC), that their '4.20' post-disaster reconstruction project in Lushan County of Ya'an City of Sichuan Province has been completed and all put in full operation. The enormous project covered education, health care, transportation, etc., and benefited over 200,000 local residents.

According to MRC, there were eight items of the project located in Mingshan District, Hanyuan County and Tianquan County in Ya'an City, including the construction of two schools, a maternal/child health care hospital, two health centers, two village-type bridges and a disaster preparedness repository. These items have significantly improved infrastructures, strengthened the capacity of local government to withstand disaster risks and greatly enhanced the level of local health services.

MRC Central Council President Eddie Wong said that, during the process of selecting reconstruction locations, they incorporated concept of precise poverty alleviation in rural area, addressed to the urgent needs of the victims and the improvement of their livelihood.

President Eddie Wong hoped that the post-disaster project would provide better education, medical facilities and alleviate residents' livelihood. It would enable the local public to share the concerns of the Macau residents, that 'blood is thicker than water' with the mainland compatriots. Also, they would enhance the communication and understanding between the affected region and the Macau community, and further enhance exchanges and cooperation.

According to source, within the duration of over four-year reconstruction, MRC actively involved and closely supervised all the designs and construction process. They were able to know well the progress of work, ensuring smooth completion of all items with high quality and in timely manner.

After the 4/20/2013 Lushan Earthquake in Ya'an Sichuan, the entire Macau community felt the pain of the devastation. Within a short period of time, MRC was able to raise some RMB22.09 million for the disaster-stricken area. With the coordination of the local government and all levels of the Red Cross Societies in mainland, MRC has successfully completed the post-disaster reconstruction project.