CMA and Ministry of Agriculture, State Forestry Administration held consultation for sandstorm and grain production

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On January 4, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and State Forestry Administration (SFA) held a joint consultation meeting for sandstorm trend prediction in spring of 2012. Experts attended the meeting from units of National Climate Center, National Satellite Meteorological Center, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, desert prevention office of SFA, desertification monitor center of SFA, and the climate centers of Beijing, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Xinjiang, and Gansu.

The meeting looked back the sandstorm in 2011 and looked into the future of the sandstorm in next spring. Experts exchanged views on the trend of sandstorm in the coming season.

On January 5, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) and CMA held a joint consultation meeting on trend of agrometeorological disasters, agrometeorological conditions, and production situations in respectively with the farming regions and crops.

Following the weather and climate patterns in spring, both sides decided to strengthen disaster mitigation. In recent days, preventive measures should be made in addressing issues of low temperature and freezing.

Mao Liuxi, director of the agrometeorological center of National Climate Center said the crop experts and meteorologists would carry out further discussion and propose pertinent suggestions for disaster mitigation. Hu Yuankun, deputy director-general of Department of Planting of MOA said the cooperation measures carried out by MOA and CMA was effective. In this year, MOA and meteorological departments would keep close relations to jointly to a good job of weather prevention and mitigation. (Jan. 6)

Reporter Xie Zhongjun Editor Zhang Yong