CMA and BNU to strengthen cooperation in disaster risk management

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On May 19, Executive Vice President of Beijing Normal University (BNU) Shi Peijun visited China Meteorological Administration (CMA) to attend the bilateral cooperation conference. The 2 sides would strengthen cooperation in terms of meteorological disaster risk management. Deputy Administrator of CMA attended the conference, too.

CMA has initiated meteorological disaster risk survey and warning service in 2010 and has gained sound achievements. BNU has advantages in application of scientific achievements. So CMA expected to cooperate with BNU for improvement of quantitative level of meteorological disaster risk assessment, application of research products, information sharing, talents training, relevant international cooperation and the bilateral cooperation mechanism.

CMA and BNU will cooperate to take researches in drought disaster monitoring and assessment, typhoon disaster losses, risk assessment and application system and rainstorm and flood disaster risk assessment and warning. Meanwhile, bilateral cooperation in terms of joint emergency response for great natural disaster, resources sharing mechanism, transfer and application of meteorological scientific products, education and talents training will also been intensified in the future.

It is reported that CMA and BNU has signed cooperation agreement in September, 2002. This conference laid a good foundation for further bilateral cooperation.