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CIKD and UNICEF launch new partnership to accelerate development and progress for children

BEIJING, 6 March 2018 – The China Center for International Knowledge on Development (CIKD) and UNICEF China announce a new partnership to develop and share research into development approaches that result in improved outcomes for all children in countries relevant to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The partnership, launched in Beijing on 6 March 2018, aims to build knowledge, networks and forums which will support the potential for the BRI to contribute to accelerated delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Children.

CIKD is dedicated to generating and disseminating development knowledge suitable to different national conditions, and relevant to global sustainable development. UNICEF China works to protect the rights of every child, to survive, thrive, and fulfil their potential in China to the benefit of a better world. The partnership will draw on the mandate and unique strengths of each organization.

The partnership will support research into child development in China and the situation of children in BRI countries, with a specific focus on themes essential to child development such as health and nutrition and integrated early child development. The partnership approach will include studies to draw on experience and lessons from China's child development and related policy-making, developing a framework of internationally accepted indicators to monitor children's progress in BRI countries, and using country case studies to identify what works, so that good experience can be adapted for different contexts and with different target groups. Results and findings will be shared widely with research, policy, non-governmental and private stakeholders through high level policy forums, workshops and seminars.

“Rigorous research and analysis are essential if we are going to make good decisions about how we invest in children and promote equity,” said Rana Flowers, UNICEF Representative to China. “We are delighted to partner with CIKD and are united in our determination to translate empirical data into evidence which can drive investments in policy and practice that transform the lives of children.”

Dr. GONG Sen, Executive Vice-president of the CIKD said, “China has achieved noticeable progress in child development in the past decades, accumulating a valuable stock of experience and lessons to be tapped for mutual learning and exchanges among BRI countries to promote child development. The partnership between CIKD and UNICEF is committed to sharing China's experience and promoting the implementation of child-related SDGs in developing countries, especially BRI countries.”

The research agenda was developed through a consultative process which drew on the views and experience of stakeholders to ensure alignment with the policies and themes that can accelerate progress towards the achievement of the SDGs.

About CIKD

CIKD is affiliated with the Development Research Center of the State Council of People's Republic of China. CIKD was announced to be established by President Xi Jinping in 2015 and was formally launched in August 2017. The center is dedicated to research on China's development experience as an effort to improve the provision and exchange of development knowledge and to promote global sustainable development.