Chinese vice premier calls for redoubled efforts in flood fighting

Chinese vice premier Hui Liangyu on Thursday urged closer cooperation between local governments and military forces as the country braces for more flooding and typhoons expected during the rainy season.

As many parts of southern China are currently plagued by severe flooding, Hui urged better efforts be made to reduce the human and property losses.

The country is now in the peak season for various types of disasters, said the vice premier at a flooding control maneuver that local and military staff participated in the nation's capital of Beijing on Thursday.

The death toll caused by torrential rains and devastating natural disasters in the south rose to 76 on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Local authorities should improve monitoring and inspection of rivers and dams, and issue timely warnings to ensure smoother evacuations and resettlement of all residents affected by the rains, Hui said.

He also urged that sufficient materials and equipment be sent to disaster relief staff to help normal life resume in the disaster-hit areas as soon as possible.