China's grain reserves sufficient for market supply, emergency response

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BEIJING — China has sufficient grain reserves to meet market demand and handle emergency situations, with staple grains such as wheat and rice accounting for over 70 percent of the total reserves, an official said on Oct 14.

Apart from securing raw grain storage, emergency food reserves for 10-15 days are available in large and medium-sized cities and areas prone to price fluctuation, said Huang Wei, deputy head of the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration, at a press conference.

To cope with natural disasters and emergencies, the country has established an emergency response system for grain supply consisting of grain processing companies, storage and transport companies, supply sites and distribution centers, Huang said.

To date, the country has a total of 5,704 emergency grain processing enterprises with processing capacity of 1.38 million tons of grains every day, and 48,831 emergency supply sites with daily provisions of 1.82 million tons, according to Huang.

Between 1949 and 2018, China's total grain output rose by nearly five times from 113 million tons to 658 million tons, while the per capita output more than doubled from 209 kg to 472 kg, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed.