China Xinjiang Earthquake: World Vision relief operation extends to Yuepuhu County

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Dramatically worsening weather conditions at the weekend, which saw temperatures drop to minus six degrees Celsius, have hampered relief operations in the quake-stricken areas of Bachu, Jiashi and nearby counties in Xinjiang. Snow and sleet turned roads into rivers of mud, complicating distribution of relief items to the quake-affected areas. As a result, thousands of people are still living without proper shelter.
After the relief assessment in the hardest-hit area, Bachu County and a nearby county, Yuepuhu, World Vision distributed 150 tents to help 600 people in Yuepuhu County to meet their immediate needs for more tents, in addition to WV's initial relief plan. The initial relief plan needs the funding of USD256,410 for the distribution of 150,000kg of relief flour to 10,000 disaster victims in Kashgar Prefecture for one-month consumption and the reconstruction of three quake-resistant school buildings to provide a safe study environment for a total of 600 students as well as the provision of financial assistance to 50 families of 200 people to rebuild their houses. The estimated beneficiary number of the whole relief operation is 11,400.

World Vision started working in Xinjiang in 1997 in response to an earthquake disaster in Jiashi County and Yuepuhu County. In 2001, severe snowstorms occurred in Altay Prefecture and World Vision launched a relief intervention. In the year 2000, World Vision Malaysia supported a 3-year project to subsidize poor physically disadvantaged students for vocational training. Currently there is an ongoing project in Hotan Prefecture supported by World Vision Malaysia and a child-focus health and nutrition project supported by World Vision Hong Kong.