China: WenChuan earthquake - The new babies and their mothers need our care and help

from Jinde Charities
Published on 04 Aug 2008
It was only three days since Li Zhiling gave birth to her twin daughters in Chongzhou People's Hospital,That the relief team of Jinde Charities Chengdu office and Ms Anouk Coqbilin, a staff from Caritas France, came to visit them accompanied by the leaders of Wenchuan County government in Sichuan

Actually, Li Zhiling walked out of Wenchuan with a group of people and her two year old daughter about one month ago. Because there was nobody to take care of her father-in-law her husband didn't come with her.

Without her own means, a local woman named Bao Lijun offered a free place for her to live which she wants to prepare for business, and offered food and clothing to them. Since then Jinde Charities has been offering some rice, oils and some urgent necessities to the victims, and help Li Junbao take care of their necessities, and then knew Li Zhiling, who was a pregnant woman at that time.

When the local doctor gave her a medical examination, he said that she would be ready to give birth in less than one month, but only by Caesarean section, and only in the big hospitals in Chengdu can this operation be performed. Xuemei is a volunteer of Jinde Charities from Chengdu who searched for a suitable hospital for her give birth by caesarean section, then accompany her return. But Li Zhiling gave birth to twin daughters at Chongyang people's hospital on July 20th, 20 days earlier than anticipated One of the girls was born normal and healthy, while another was sent to intensive care for emergency treatment. In order to pay the medical fees for her and for her two daughters, Bao Lijun and Yan Xuemei promised collected some money to support her medical fees. Although the hospital covered some medical expenses for them, there are still unfunded portions in the costs. In such circumstance Jinde Charities soon sent some food and milk to them, and donated some money for their medical need

Now the mother and her two daughters have returned to the place that Bao Lijun supplied. Wenchuan government decided that they will soon restore their peaceful life and send them to their hometown.

When Jinde Charities disaster relief team and its psychological counsellors went to visit the victims' camps found that there are so many mothers and new born babies like Li Zhiling and her twins needs At the same time there are many elderly and children who are in need of special care and assistance. According to the recommendations of the local government and the practical needs of settlements as well, Jinde Charities will continue offer some timely assistance which focus on medicines and other daily necessities.

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