China Relief 2007- Emergency Appeal

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Disaster Situation

Since late May, continuous rainstorm caused serious flooding and landslide in the provinces of Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Jiangxi and Fujian in Mainland China. According to the statistics provided by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, as of 12th June 4 pm, more than 13.6 million people were affected, 76 people reported dead, 13 people missing, and more than 788,000 people had to be relocated. 69,000 houses were collapsed and about 479,000 hectares of farmland submerged, with direct economic loss reached RMB4.73 billion.

Besides, the earthquake happened at Yunnan early this month affected more than 1 million of people, 360,000 houses were wrecked, in which more than 90,000 houses were collapsed, with an economic loss amounting RMB2.5 billion. More than 1,700 times of aftershocks were recorded at the disaster zones, greatly increased the misfortune of the homeless victims waiting for assistance.

Red Cross Actions

Hong Kong Red Cross extremely concerns about the disaster situation in Mainland China, RMB300,000 has been utilized to purchase relief rice for Yunnan and Hunan disaster victims, benefiting about 6,700 people. Our staff will also be dispatched to the seriously hit province, Guangxi on 15 June to assess further relief needs.

The Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) Headquarters sent an assessment team to Chongqing to investigate relief needs in late May. Emergency relief items such as tents, family kits, blankets, mosquito nets, drinking water and environmental disinfectant valued RMB1.29 million have been distributed to floods affected people in Chongqing, Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou, the six most seriously hit provinces/city.

At the same time, RCSC and Yunnan Red Cross have allocated more than RMB7.3 million for the relief operation in the earthquake stricken zones.

Hong Kong Red Cross appeals to our local community for their generous donations in support of the emergency relief to the affected people in Mainland.

Means of Donation

Donations can be made by:

Direct transfer to the "Hong Kong Red Cross China Relief Fund" bank accounts:

HSBC: 004-567-650155-016

Hang Seng Bank: 024-267-175123-001

Bank of China: 012-806-0-000161-7

Bank of East Asia: 015-514-40-39966-3

Crossed cheques (made payable to the "Hong Kong Red Cross China Relief Fund") to Hong Kong Red Cross International & Relief Service Department, 33 Harcourt Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Payment by Phone Service: Merchant Code: Hong Kong Red Cross-9167

Credit Card: Donation form [word file][pdf file], please fax to 2824-3693 after filled in the form.


Please call 2507-7199 or email to