China: Oxfam HK response to earthquake in Xinjiang update 28 Feb 2003

Oxfam Hong Kong Emergency Response in Xinjiang Province Earthquake
Reaching Village 20 of Qiongkuer Qiake township of Bachu county on 27 February, Oxfam staff are now implementing an initial response to the victims of the earthquake. Village 20 is the epicentre of the earthquake that struck the region on 24 February, killing 267 people.

More than 90% (245 victims) of the estimated 267 fatalities were from Village 20. It is composed mostly of Ugyur ethnic minority.

Some 900 pieces of clothing and 800 quilt blankets will be initially distributed to an estimated 1,500 beneficiaries (400 families) in Village 20 through local partners. The local government has pledged to match the distribution with a similar amount of items, on top of food, medicine and shelter that they are also providing. There were also efforts by the government to fix the disrupted water supplies. Furthermore, local authorities will also provide local transport for the delivery of Oxfam relief materials.

Oxfam staff appraises that state and local partners such as the China Red Cross are currently meeting immediate relief needs. Staff will continue to monitor the situation and keep an eye for other potential needs that are not sufficiently being addressed.

Information provided by Arnold Fang
Programme Officer for Disaster Management in China
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