China: New clothes for Panzihua quake victims

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Shortly before Chinese New Year, Amity distributed new winter clothes, warm underwear and shoes to people in Panzhihua, Sichuan. Panzhihua is a major industrial city in the south of the province. The region was hit hard by an earthquake on 30 August 2008, which destroyed thousands of houses as well as the livelihoods of countless people.

In the Mianzhu region, Amity distributed 1365 sets of clothes and shoes at Guangji School, 2527 at Hanwang School, 521 at Jiulong School, 132 at a kindergarten in Guangji and 2656 in Woyun Village (where Amity's post-earthquake relief and reconstruction work has been concentrated). 1000 sets were distributed in Panzhihua, 2200 in Xiang'e (near Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan), 1500 in Songpan and 100 in the Lizhou district of Guangyuan City. This amounts to altogether 12001 sets.