China: The Journey to Fujian

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Typhoon Moroket has been gradually fading away from people's mind, but the damages it brought to the Typhoon-hit people cannot be erased away so easily.

Large amount of death fish sunk the fish man's heart

Jinde Charities, together with the local church and government, has been working closely with the local people striving to minimum their damages. From August 8th to 15th, Jinde Charities went to the disaster areas to do the field visit, gathering the first hand information. Five projects were established hereafter based on our own analysis of the available information and the local government's application. From November 12th to 17th, Jinde Charities again headed to Fujian province to investigate and implement the projects, one interlude happened during the distribution of abalone cages surprised and moved me. When we were about to leave after the ceremony of distribution, a man rushed to Fr, Wang to shake hands, saying:" I, on behalf of the villagers, would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and Jinde Charities, I am 36 years old, I have never heard of the term 'disaster relief" in those 36 years, every year, we have to suffer from the damages caused by Typhoon, no organizations,ever gave us any help, but now I see you.....

on the following three days, Jinde Charities investigated the remaining projects: the public waterworks system of the village Houloucun and Zhengjiayang, the Yangbian storage reservoir, and Liuwan irrigation works, two of them has finished and the remaining two are on the condition of being constructed which are about to be finished in due time.