China: Jinde charities donated batches of quilts to the survivors of earthquake in disaster area

Jinde Charities/ Faith News: Following the delivery of a batch of quilts, valued at 400,000 RMB to Yuli on November 4th for the harsh winter, and after an assessment of the needs of the areas, Jinde Charities has once again donated 7400 Space cotton blankets, to the value of 640,000 RMB, which have been sent to the Pingtong town of Pingwu, Chen Jiaba town of Beichuan county, and Shuimo town of Wenchuan.

The quilts were first delivered to Pingwu and Chen Jiaba town. From November 5th to 6th, the Villages of Niufei, Daba, Tuanbei of Pingwu town and those of Longwan, Xihe, Laoyang, Jingu of Chen Jiaba town first received more than 5900 Space cotton blankets, valued at 500,000 RMB. On November 9th, more than 1500 blankets to the value of 140,000 RMB were delivered to the survivors in Shuimo town of Wenchuan County, this town land comprises the people from 18 natural villages, all of whom are living in conditions of poverty.

Delivering the blankets has a set procedure. First they are sent to the village, then to the specific groups and finally into the arms of the people who need them. After delivering the blankets to the victims, the staff of Jinde Charities in Chengdu visited the villages which received assistance.

According to Sr. Michael Lee, the Director of Jinde Charities in Chengdu office, staff of Jinde Charities sought the highest quality quilts for the earthquake survivors of these areas. They visited seven bedding manufacturers before, at last choosing one supplier. The quilts procured are from a large, professional and very well-known bedding manufacturer. The specifications of the quilts ordered are of high quality that comply with national standards.

The Mayor of Chen Jiaba town stated that the procedure for the distribution of the blankets to the survivors would be in accordance with the wishes of Jinde Charities. The door-to-door distribution of the blankets to the hands of the people was conducted efficiently. Jinde Charities' commitment to the operation of the distribution is necessary, and it also allows donors to feel at ease with the efficacy of their donations. At the same time, we at Jinde Charities, on behalf of all the recipients of assistance in the disaster area wish to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all the donors, both at home and abroad for their continued contributions and their long-standing support for the objectives of Jinde Charities and their concern for the survivors of the May 12th disaster.

A villager from Pingwu town said excitedly: "This is the first time I have seen such beautiful quilts, one can feel the high quality just by touching them. We live in the mountains, the air is very moist, therefore our old quilts were difficult to use and keep dry in the evenings. These new quilts solve this problem."

An elderly man aged 89 years old from Long Jiawan village of Chen Jiaba town who lives with his son said with tears in his eyes, "I have lived here for 80 years and have never slept in such good quilts."

CCTV News Channel's section called "Oriental Horizon" has done a follow up report on Jinde Charities' donation of the blankets to the disaster area.