China: Jinde Charities delivered winter quilts and cushions to Jiuzhou movable school in Mianyang

Following the recent rainstorms in Sichuan Province, the weather is turning cold in the disaster-stricken area. At the request of the local government and with its assistance, Jinde Charities dispatched one consignment of winter quilts and cushions to the teachers and students accommodated in Jiuzhou movable school premises in Mianyang.

The provisional Jiuzhou movable school building in Mianyang caters for the Xuanping Secondary, Xuanping Primary and South China Primary Schools of Beichuan Qiang ethnic minority autonomous county in Sichuan. These schools were seriously damaged during the overflow spill by Tangjiashan Quake Lake. Nearly all the homes of the students and teachers, together with the school premises were lost. They were forced to resettle to the present location, to continue their survival and learning activities.

On 14th October, a brief ceremony of winter quilt and cushion distribution was held and a total of 1,137 sets of quilts and cushions were delivered to the hands of 104 teachers and 1033 students.

Mr. Li, the principal of the relocated schools in a welcoming address spoke to the staff and volunteers of Jinde Charities' Chengdu Office: "What you have delivered are not only quilts and cushions, but also warming heat of love and aspirations. The greater tremor of May 12 and the Tangjiashan Quake Lake disaster did not knock us down . Many thanks to those who offered us help and love so that we would have confidence and determination to rebuild our homes."

Li Yiping, a student representative from Year 5 B Class said emotionally: "You have sent us the warm quilts and cushions when we need them the most. This is a wonderful caring concern shown to the children in the disaster areas. From now on, we will work hard, with a grateful heart, to excel in our studies."

Sr. Michael Li Haiyan,the person in charge of Jinde Charities' Chengdu Office responded to the teachers and students, "The great joy for us is to see your happy faces. Jinde Charities will make effort to support your teaching and studying, wishing you great success in the future."

It is understood that other disaster-stricken areas have conveyed their requests for the supply of winter clothing, blankets/quilts to the Jinde Charities' Chengdu Office which will process their requests in due course. It is hoped that further assistance could be provided to the people in the disaster-stricken areas with warm clothing, blankets/quilts before the advent of cold winter.