China: Jinde Charities and volunteers from Singapore

Accompany children with love in earthquake disaster area

On September 23rd four psychological assistants from Jinde Charities in Mianyang and three volunteers from Singapore in Hanzeng town, Jiangyou city accompanied more than 180 children from six classes of Huangjiang volunteer school for two days, intending to ease down their tension, to listen and to guide them, by playing games with them, they cultivated their ability to be united among themselves.

We are one happy family

Through this activity, the children had not only learned a lot of practical skills which cannot be learnt from books, but also learned how to share and how to help one another. This event has won great praises from teachers, students and parents.

After finishing the event, the president of Huangjiang volunteer school He Qingchuan, and vice president Du Kaiyan, and Sr. Michelle Lee, the director of Jinde office in Chengdu, and Sr. Liu Suping had made a summarization and assessment

The society is a net and we are weaving it.

The vice president Du Kaiyan thanked Jinde Charities for arranging this event to enable the children to be freed from the May12th disastrous event, simultaneously, she also admired the volunteers' dedication, responsibility, and their team work and spirit of sacrifices. Their true and great love is without limit. A lot of inspiration has been given to their future planning of reformation for education and teaching. Sr. Michelle Lee, the director of Jinde Charities office in Chengdu also expressed the same feeling and on Jinde's behalf that Jinde Charities will continue to strengthen the bonds with that school and will offer their assistances whenever needed.

We are little painters.

The volunteers in the activities also showed appreciation to the children in the disaster areas for their strong self-control, smartness and eagerness to learn, and also their ability to endure hardship. They said that if given the chance, they would continue to accompany the children, and wished them to grow up healthily and happily.

It is known that since the end of August the villagers have moved from tents into the temporary movable houses in Sichuan disaster area. Jinde psychological aid team in Mianyang with the leadership of Liu Suping has remained in that disaster area, with a series of services to help the villagers are being done..

Some of them helped those people in the temporary movable houses for psychological placate, some helped students in the secondary school of Beichuan for their psychological appease, or helped some disabled students to do rehabilitation exercises and to encourage students to regain their self- confidence so that they will be able to face the challenges of life. again.