China: Jiangxi Earthquake Minor Emergency No. 05ME070 Operations Update No. 1

Situation Report
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In Brief

This Minor Emergency Update no. 1 is being issued based on the situation described below reflecting the information available at this time . CHF 130,000 was allocated from the Federation's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to respond to the needs in this operation by releasing supplies from the Chinese Red Cross disaster preparedness stocks that have been distributed to the affected population. This operation is expected to be complete d by the end of December 2005. Replenishment of DREF by unearmarked contributions is welcome and needed.

Background and current situation

According to the latest statistics, 26 November's earthquake which affected Jiangxi (Ruichang city and Jiujiang county), Hubei and Anhui provinces left at least 16 people dead with more than 8,000 people seeking treatment for earthquake-related injuries. In Jiangxi, some 600,000 residents were evacuated due to the quake which destroyed 150,000 houses. In Hubei, 7,500 people were evacuated following the quake, while in Anhui, where 32 homes were destroyed, the number of evacuees was lower. Over the past week, there have been 116 recorded aftershocks close to the earthquake's epicentre in Ruichang city.

The vast majority of quake survivors in Ruichang city and Jiujiang county are still living in tents provided by the government (6,000), the Red Cross Society of China (270) or constructed by themselves using pieces of tarpaulin and other materials gathered from their homes. Local authorities in Jiangxi province announced plans on 2 December to build new apartments in Ruichang city and five other sites in the surrounding rural areas for some 6,000 quake-affected families. In order to ensure safe and proper living conditions for displaced families living in tents over the months to come, one of the main priority needs identified by a joint Red Cross Society of China (RCSC)/ Federation assessment is access to short-term sanitation facilities.

For further information specifically related to this operation please contact:

In China: Red Cross Society of China, Mr.Wang Xiaohua (Director of External Relations Department), email:; phone +86-10-6512-4169; fax+86-10-6512-4169

In China: East Asia regional delegation: Mr. Alistair Henley (Head of Regional Delegation), email:; phone+86 13501205 972, fax+861065327166

In Geneva: Asia Pacific Regional Department, Ms. Ewa Eriksson (Regional Officer), email:; phone +41227304252;fax+4122733 0395

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