China issues highest alert as Typhoon Muifa sweeping East China Sea

China's National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center issued a red alert for sea waves on Saturday as the powerful Typhoon Muifa is sweeping across the southeastern part of the East China Sea.

The red alert is the highest alert in the four-level high wave warning system.

Sea waves piled up as Muifa approaches. Waves of 10.5 meters high has been observed in the East China Sea, according to a statement issued by the forecasting center.

The East China Sea will see waves of 9 to 11 meters high from Saturday noon to Sunday noon, waters off Shanghai and Zhejiang will see waves of 5 to 7 meters high, and waters off Jiangsu and southern Zhejiang Province will also see waves of 3 to 5 meters high, the statement said.

Muifa, the ninth typhoon to hit China this year, made landfall in the East China Sea around 22:00 p.m. on Friday, according to the statement.

The center said that while the possibility of Muifa landing on Shanghai and southern Jiangsu province is not ruled out, it sees a greater chance of Muifa heading all the way to the north and making a landfall on Shandong province. If so, it will affect the entire waters off China's eastern and northern coastal areas.

Also according to the statement, Muifa is likely to continue its force or abate a little bit while sweeping along the eastern coastal area.

The center is continuing its yellow alert for storm, warning local authorities and the public to take precautions and intensify safety checks on fishing facilities.

The yellow alert is the second-lowest alert level in the country's four-level rainstorm alert system.