China: Hong Kong Red Cross raised HKD100 million - Snowstorm operation enters the rehabilitation phase

from Hong Kong Red Cross
Published on 29 Apr 2008 View Original
(Hong Kong29 April 2008) In response to the China snowstorm early this year, the Hong Kong Red Cross has utilized HKD20 million in emergency relief phase to provide relief items to approximately 210,000 people in 12 affected provinces. Staffs were dispatched to many disaster-struck provinces to distribute relief materials, and to assess the disaster situation and reconstruction needs.

Hong Kong Red Cross is now focusing our work on recovery and rehabilitation. Over HKD40 million will be utilized for 10 worst-hit provinces and autonomous regions (including Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Henan and Xinjiang) on reconstruction of houses, rural water supplies, local clinics and schools etc.

In order to enhance the disaster response and preparedness capacity of local communities, the remaining donations will be allocated for reducing the impact of disaster, areas frequently hit by disasters will be equipped with emergency life-saving tools and materials, the local personnel and communities will be trained with disaster preparedness knowledge and skills.

The Hong Kong Red Cross would like to express our gratitude to the trust and support of corporations and individual donors. As of 29 April 2008, we received donation amounting to over HKD100 million. The corporate donation received during the period of 15 February to 29 April is enlisted as below (Corporate donations made before 15 February had been listed in the press releases issued on or before 14 February):

Company / Organization Donation amount
Hong Kong Jockey Club HKD23,590,000.00
ATV - Hong Kong Todays Charitable Fund HKD1,900,000.00
BOC HK Charity Foundation and staff HKD1,884,641.26
Hong Kong Police Force HKD1,281,207.00
Federation of HK Guangdong Community Organization Charitable Fund Ltd HKD1,000,000.00
WB?@??Wc??? (Chinese name only) HKD1,000,000.00
Hong Kong Professional Teacherss Union HKD681,343.30
The S. H. Ho Foundation Limited HKD500,000.00
Centaline Property Agency Ltd HKD500,000.00
PCCW HKD400,000.00
Kiang Chekiang and Shanghai Residents (HK) Association HKD351,682.90
Hong Kong Shin Yat Tong Association HKD300,000.00
The Hong Kong Southern District Community Association Ltd HKD300,000.00
|NF (Chinese name only) HKD300,000.00
Hong Kong Toy Foundation Ltd HKD200,000.00
China Resources Vanguard (HK) Co Ltd HKD168,560.50
Hong Kong Stockbrokers Association Ltd HKD161,600.00
Airport Authority Hong Kong HKD150,000.00
HSBC staff HKD135,992.86
Cheung Chau Rural Committee HKD130,029.50
Jetta Company Limited HKD107,900.00
Ho Ying Chie Foundation Ltd HKD100,000.00
Milagros Corporation Limited HKD100,000.00
The Hong Kong Medical Association Charitable Foundation Limited HKD100,000.00

In addition, many companies / organizations have supported our operation by organizing fund-raising activities (in random order):

From 15 February to 29 April 2008

Company / Organization Fundraising channels
TVB Fundraising TV Program (part of the proceeds was donated to Hong Kong Red Cross)
ATV Fundraising TV Program (proceeds collected in HK was donated to Hong Kong Red Cross)
^ (Chinese name only) Appeal forLai Seedonation
Warnaco (HK) Ltd Staff Appeal
The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Donation Box at 22 Youth Centres & Service Units
Swiss Privilege Ltd Staff Appeal
Sinomax Health & Household Product Ltd Charity Sales on Selected items
Mu Kuang English School Appeal to Teachers, Students and Parents
    St. Louis School  Donation Box at School
 S.K.H. Tsing Yi Estates Ho Chak Wan Primary School Appeal to Teachers, Students and Parents
C & C Joint Printing Co., (HK) Ltd  Staff Appeal
 Grey Advertising Hong Kong Limited  Staff Appeal
Maunsell AECOM  Staff Appeal
 Kam Tsin Village Ho Tung School Appeal to Teachers, Students and Parents
 Win Tea & Tea Eternity Association / Guo Ming Xuan Tea Co. Ltd  Spring CharityPoon Choibanquet
HKCWC Fung Yiu King Memorial Secondary School Appeal to Teachers, Students and Parents
 Official Chelsea FC supporters club HK Charity Auction
 ?@?^ (Chinese name only) Charity Auction
Tien Sung Group Limited Staff Appeal
 Chi Lin Buddhist Secondary School Appeal to Teachers, Students and Parents
Heung To Middle School Student Union, Heung To Middle School (TSW), Heung To Middle School Appeal to Teacher & Parents and Charity Sales