China - Floods update (DG ECHO, Government of China, CMA, FloodList, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 12 June 2020)

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  • Following the flooding and mudslides events in southern and central parts of China since 2 June, the number of fatalities has increased to 20. The number of those affected stands at over 2.6 million, with 228,000 people displaced and 1,300 homes destroyed.

  • According to media, one of the worst affected areas is Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, where 6 people died, 1 million people have been affected and 146,900 displaced. China has allocated a batch of disaster relief materials for southern Guangxi.

  • Continuous torrential rain caused the Lijiang River to burst its banks in Guangxi Zhuang. More than 148 rivers across the country reached levels above flood warning.

  • On 14-15 June, TWO is expected to make landfall over Guangdong Province and to affect also Guangxi, bringing heavy rain and strong wind. The cyclone is headed west and is expected to strengthen over the next 24 hours

  • Tropical Depression - TWO is within 994 km from China, and the center is expected to make landfall along the shores of/near Guangdong. All shorelines in the path of the storm are exposed to potential storm surge, and inland areas within the proximity of the storm are exposed to potential flooding.