China Floods Situation Report No.1

Situation Report
Originally published
I. Situation
1. The UNDP/DHA Resident Representative in Beijing advises that the Ministry of Civil Affairs in Beijing has issued a disaster situation report following heavy rainstorms in Guangdong Province, China.

2. From the early morning of 8 May to 9 May 1997, heavy rains poured down in Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Heyuan, and Yunfu of Guangdong Province. In the opinion of scientists, this type of rainfall only occurs every 500 years. The intensive rainfall led to severe mountain floods in some areas, water level of the rivers were fast increasing, villages and farmland were inundated and houses collapsed.

3. According to incomplete statistics, 22 counties/cities with a population of 1.36 million were affected. 110 people died and 21 are missing. 1,354 people were injured. 177 villages were inundated and 77,000 people had to be evacuated. 19,000 housing units collapsed and 56,000 were damaged. 59,000 drought animals were killed. Electric power, telecommunications and water supply systems were severely damaged. The total direct economic loss was RMB yuan 1.3 billion (approx. USD 0.16 billion).

II. National response

4. After the disaster, provincial officials went to the areas to direct the relief work. Relief materials were distributed to the victims and relief operations are under way.

III. Requirements for international assistance

5. There was no request for international assistance.

IV. Contact data in DHA-GENEVA

6. Telephone No. +41-22-917.12.34
In case of emergency only: Tel. + 41-.22-917.20.10
Desk Officer: Ms. S. Metzner-Strack, Tel. + 41-22-917.21.44
or Mr. T. Peter, Tel. + 41-22-917.31.43
Press to contact: Ms. M. Moulin-Acevedo, Tel. + 41-22-917.28.56
Telex: 414242 DHA CH
Fax: + 41-22-917.00.23