China: Floods Appeal No. 18/2003 Operations Update No. 8

Situation Report
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Appeal launched on 22 July 2003 for CHF 7,932,000 (USD 5,770,000 or EUR 5,120,000) in cash, kind or services to assist 440,000 beneficiaries for 9 months. Disaster Relief Emergency Funds (DREF) allocated: CHF 300,000 Period covered: 10 December 2003 - 23 February 2004
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In Brief

Appeal coverage: 73%; See the Contributions List attached to this report.

Outstanding needs: CHF 2,128,496

Related Annual Appeals: For further information regarding the Red Cross Society of China's Federation supported activities please refer to the2004 country appeal. Operational Summary: Following the operation's initial positive momentum in both the procurement and distribution of relief supplies and capacity building activities from August through December, there has been a significant lull in activities due to the closure of the Federation's Geneva Secretariat in December and early January, immediately followed by the slow down of business transactions in China due to the celebration of Spring Festival.

As of the third week of February the rate of activity is beginning to approach the level it was at prior to the end of December. The Red Cross Society of China's (RCSC) relief division has gathered the statistics on the final distribution of mosquito nets and quilts. The national society is now working closely with the Federation to monitor the distribution of rice and wheat flour in eight provinces and to finalise details of the procurement of rice for Jiangsu.

Operational developments

Following the slowdown due to the respective holiday periods around the world, the flood relief operation is once again beginning to pick up momentum. Distributions of quilts and mosquito nets have been finalised and rice and wheat flour, funded by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO), is in the final phases of production and delivery. Field visits to follow up on the effectiveness of quilt and net distributions as well as to monitor the distribution of food items will commence in March. For the most part efforts are being made to coordinate joint RCSC/Federation field visits. Some concerns have been raised that there may be some difficulty accessing certain counties in Guangxi due to the outbreak of avian flu, but this point will be clarified as the situation in the province evolves.

Red Cross and Red Crescent action - objectives, progress, impact

Emergency relief

Objective: To provide recovery assistance in the form of rice, quilts and mosquito nets to 110,000 families in eight provinces and one municipality most affected by this year's floods.

Distribution of relief items



The plans of action (PoA) for the RCSC Federation funded distributions in regard to flooding in 2003 are as follows:

Plan of action
Relief items
Tents (Anhui, Jiangsu)
Water purification tablets (8 provinces) (DREF)
136,300 mosquito nets
31,900 quilts (German Red Cross)
16,210 quilts for Shaanxi (American embassy and Norwegian Red Cross)
16,390 quilts for eight provinces (Canadian Red Cross)
36,600 (estimated) quilts (Swiss Red Cross and Monaco Red Cross)
7,400 MT food items (rice or wheat flour) (ECHO)
11,500 quilts (Danish Red Cross)

Tents and water purification tablets (Plan of Action 1)

Plan of Action 1, funded by the Disaster Response Emergency Fund (DREF), comprised the distribution of tents to Anhui and Jiangsu, as well as the distribution of water purification tablets in Anhui, Jiangsu, Henan, Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, and Chonqing.

No. of boxes of water purification tablets
No. of beneficiaries
Distribution date
August 2003
(100 villages)
August 2003
August 2003
August 2003
(4,600 families)
August 2003

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