China Floods 2013: Work Report 5

from Hong Kong Red Cross
Published on 24 Sep 2013 View Original

Situation Update

On 22 Sept, Typhoon Usagi made landfall in the coastal area of Shanwei Prefecture, causing widespread destruction in Guangdong Province. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, as of 24 September, more than 7.965 million people have been affected in Guangdong, with 27 people died, 466,000 people were evacuated, 9,700 houses collapsed, and more than 24,000 houses were damaged. A total of RMB 11.53 billion direct economic loss was recorded.

Red Cross Society of China Actions

To support the relief operations, the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) National Headquarters (NHQ) and Guangdong Red Cross has mobilized relief materials, including 1,800 family kits, 300 tents, 2,900 quilts, to the affected areas. The Guangdong Red Cross has deployed staff to conduct needs assessment and coordinate relief activities the field. The Guangdong Red Cross’ rescue team has supported the evacuation of affected people from typhoon affected areas.

Hong Kong Red Cross Actions

In Guangdong, some of the infrastructures and houses were seriously damaged by the Typhoon Usagi. To support the basic needs of the affected people, the HKRC has distributed 700 family kits (Each kit contains daily necessities, including towel blanket, towel, clothes, mosquito net, slippers, plastic bucket and dining utensils.) through the Guangdong Red Cross in the worst hit areas. The kits valued about RMB229,600 in total and are expected to benefit about 2,800 typhoon affected people.

The HKRC is closely monitoring the latest situation to plan for further relief actions. No appeal has been launched in Hong Kong at the moment.


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