China Flood 2005 Update 2 - Continuous flooding in Mainland Red Cross pays close attention to the situation

Disaster Situation

Since the end of May, intensive rainfalls in the Mainland led to different degree of damages in numerous provinces such as Hunan, Sichuan, Chongqin, Henan andGuangxi. Heavy rainfall from 16th to 19th July exacerbated the flooding in 11 prefectures in Sichuan. 14 were dead and 6 were left missing in the most affected areas in Mianyang, Guangyuan and Leshan regions. The total direct economic losses amounted to RMB107 million.

Hong Kong Red Cross staff joined the representatives of Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) Headquarters in mid-July to visit Guangyuan and Mianyang regions in Sichuan, which were seriously flooded, to assess the needs of the victims. Mr. Wei Xing Yun who lived in Qingchuan county told the relief team that the torrential rainstorms woke up him and his brother's family. The rainstorm and flood came in a sudden, they did not even have time to put on their clothes while they were rushing to escape before the flood water swept into their house. His niece was nearly washed away by the flood. Both families' belongings were lost including his daughter's school fee of RMB 2,000, which will leave the daughter out of school in the coming academic year. The two families can only take shelter in relatives' home at present and the reconstruction of the houses is unforeseeable, Wei whimpered.

Red Cross Actions

Until now, the heavy rainfall has displaced more than 10 million people and caused food shortage. To respond to the victims' needs, the Hong Kong Red Cross has remitted RMB 200,000 to RCSC for procurement of rice to Hunan and Guangxi provinces. Staff was sent to Xingzhao and Zhaoping regions in the two provinces to assess disaster needs and distribute rice to more than 5,000 victims. Each victim was given a bag of 15kg rice which can help in addressing their food shortage in one month's time.

The RCSC has responded promptly by sending 7 assessment teams to disaster-hit areas in Jiangxi, Hunan, Heilongjiang, Guangxi, Sichuan, Fujian and Inner Mongolia provinces. Relief materials worth RMB15 million such as tents, quilts, medicine, water purification tablets, clothes and food were distributed to the victims.


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