China: Emergency relief provided to Chongqing

The Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) provided emergency disaster relief materials worth 300000 yuan to Chongqing city in help to carry out relief operation there on May 25.

From May 23-24, heavy rainfall stroke the east, southeast and the most central areas in Chongqing, which effected over 2.34 million people in 20 districts and counties of the city. There were 9 people killed, missing 2, 363 injured/disease, and over 110,000 people evacuated; 91,300 ha. of farmland effected including 4200 ha. no harvest; and also there were 10,000 houses/rooms collapsed and 36,000 damaged. The direct economic loss was 573 million yuan.

As soon as receiving the information report on the disaster sent by Chonqing local branch, the RCSC allocated from its regional DP center in Chengdu city some emergency relief goods to affected areas, which including tents, medicine and firs aid package for family etc.

The local Red Cross has also launched relief operation and provided such relief supplies valued at more than 300,000 yuan as food and clothes to affected areas.

The assessment teams of RCSC and local RC have been sent to affected areas.